Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing

This progam is a partnership between Litchfield Community Schools and local businesses that give
Seniors a chance to complete two semesters of job shadowing at local businesses.  Some examples of jobs that students can participated in are:

  •  Accounting
  •  Agri-business
  •  Dental Hygienists
  •  Physician’s assistant
  •  Plumber
  •  Marketing
  •  Human resource
  •  Retail business.


Tours of Businesses

This program gives both students and teachers a real experience in just what businesses do to incorporate best practices in their field


Guest Lectures

As part of the Litchfield Initiative several successful professionals, managers and entrepreneurs have lectured and interacted with Litchfield High Students in the class room.


Participating Businesses
Litchfield Greens
Ferry Farms
Wolfinger’s Hardware
Shear Heaven
Shaw & Son Auto Repair
Wells Equipment
Concord Schools
Litchfield Analytical Service
Litchfield Outdoors
Michigan Rebuild & Automation
Daves Auto Repair
Fricks Auto Repair