School Fund Raiser


Litchfield Community Schools
Alumni Association Board

 July 15, 2020

The Alumni Association has raised over $130,000.00 for the Litchfield Community Schools over the past 14 years.  The teachers and staff are very appreciative of our contributions toward improving the educational experience for them and the students.  In 2019 we raised the final $10,000.00 to complete the renovations for the Science Laboratory.  The students and staff are very appreciative of our support for that project.  If you have not had a chance to see the room yet you can go to the website and view the pictures of the project.

In 2014 we upgraded the elementary reading curriculum as well as providing funds to replace the elementary math curriculum.  Both programs have shown significant improvement in the classroom. As a part of that program our current 6-8 curriculum was piloted at no cost to the district. The piloted program has proven to be substandard to meet the foundational needs of the students. Knowing that the needs of the students were not being met, the math team, Ms. VanDusen, Mr. Stageman, and Mrs. Burger spent the summer of 2019 vertically aligning the curriculum to meet state standards.

Ms. VanDusen and Mr. Stageman have researched some resources and at this point their recommendation Is to adopt the Reveal Math program. This is a research-based program and the peer reviews are the best of all the programs researched. The proposal sheet from the McGraw Hill company is on the Alumni website under the fundraiser tab as well as the letter from Superintendent Mike Corey requesting these funds.  I have provided a copy of the request letter on the back of this one.

During our June 18th meeting the Alumni board approved a fundraising campaign for $8,000.00 to support this request.  The school administration and staff are very appreciative of our members’ past financial support of LCS. The board feels that this is a good cause to support the future of the children of Litchfield.

If you would like to see the McGrawhill quote for the curriculum package please click here .

At this time, we do not know when and how school will be operated in the coming academic year due to Covid-19 pandemic.  Having this money available for the school will make it much easier for them to transition into this very difficult year.

Stay safe and support each other during this very difficult time!

Dick Farnsworth                                                                  Mrs.BeverlyFenstermaker
Treasurer Litchfield Alumni Association
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