School Fund Raiser

Litchfield Community Schools

Alumni Association Board

March 31, 2023

The Alumni Association has raised over $154,000.00 for the Litchfield Community Schools over the past 16 years.  The teachers and staff are very appreciative of our contributions toward improving the educational experience for them and the students.

We have received the following request from Cristina Eyre, K-12 Principal:

The intent of our funds request is to support the replacement of our chrome books. We are at a point where we will need to start replacing chrome books for grades third through twelfth grades. The cost per device is approximately $200-$400 per device based on the opportunities we have for purchasing during a sale.

Students utilize their chrome books almost daily in at least two classes. They compose their essays for English, complete projects, etc. Teachers also maintain Google classroom pages, allowing students to access their school work from home, when needed. Also, we have electronic resources that assist students in maintaining skills, closing gaps in skills, and accelerate their skills on their own using Math Facts Pro, IXL and other programs like those. All those programs help to reinforce what is taught in the classroom with the intent of providing practice for our students to improve their test scores on assessments.

During our March meeting the Alumni Board approved a fundraising campaign to purchase replacement chrome books for grades 3 through 12. We would like to raise at least $5,000.00 this year to start replacing their Chrome books.

The board feels that this is a good cause to support the future of the children of Litchfield.  Please send your donation checks made out to “Litchfield Alumni Association” to the Treasurer’s address below.

Dick Farnsworth                                                 Mrs. Beverly Fenstermaker
Treasurer Litchfield Alumni Association
214 Mill St.
Litchfield, MI 49252

President (1965)

[email protected]

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