School Fund Raiser

Litchfield Community Schools
Alumni Association Board

        March 14, 2018

Your Alumni board met last fall with LCS Superintendent Dr. Helgesen and the Science teacher to talk about replacing the lab tables in the science room. The room has only had painting, lighting and some ceiling work done since the school was first opened in 1957, 61 years ago this September.  There are three working lab tables out of the original eight that can handle 12 students total. The current class size has 26 students, more than twice as many as the tables can accommodate. 

The sinks leak, the pipes are corroded, and the table tops are in bad shape. We initially thought that replacing the work stations would be sufficient, but the more we investigated the situation, the more it became obvious that a complete renovation was needed. Bill May, LCS Maintenance, was asked to prepare a bid specification and send it out for at least 3 bids. Two companies bid on it and the range was from $60,000.00 to $98,000.00. The bid specification was modified to remove the demolition and a couple other tasks that the school said they would handle themselves. The specification was sent out again. The lowest and best bid of $46,000.00 from Skelly construction was accepted. The renovation will begin this June.  Click this link to view drawing.  Click this link to View Science room photos

We are considering having a plaque with the names of the donors placed in the remodeled science room, unless you wish to remain anonymous. Consider getting together with your classmates to raise these much needed funds. I will be one of the first to donate a substantial amount due to damages I caused back in 1961. I thought it was a brilliant idea at the time. I know of a few others who should feel a pretty high level of guilt.

Dr. Helgesen’s attached letter explains the financing for this project. The Alumni board agreed to provide $10,000.00 through the 2018 fundraiser with a commitment of $10,000.00 for 2019. Over the last 10 years you have helped replace books, upgrade curriculum, clean the chemical storage room, and support the school in many other ways. Our support is greatly appreciated by the teachers and staff and has helped the school to dramatically improve their performance. LCS is no longer a priority school (one of the lowest 5%) and last year had the second highest state test scores in the county!

Please think about this worthy cause and provide what you can. Every dollar counts.  Make Checks payable to Litchfield Alumni Association and send to Beverly. 

Dick Farnsworth

President (1965)

Mrs. Beverly Fenstermaker
Treasurer Litchfield Alumni Assoc.
214 Mill St.
Litchfield, MI 49252