dark walnut stain on white oak

White Birch. Pour what you will use into a bowl, paper cup, or plate, and close can lid as you work. Their high-quality pigments produce rich, dark, uniform colors on hard-to-stain woods like maple and pine. Check for missed spots and lap marks before moving to the next section. Please be mindful of the manner in which water-based products are stored and how long they have been in storage. First, I wanted to see exactly what I was working with, so I tested a scrap of whitewood with swatches of (from left to right) Minwax Special Walnut, Provincial, Dark Walnut, and Jacobean oil-based stains: Incidentally, I also tested stains on the garage floor, but that was less intentional; drop cloths are your (landlord's!) English Chestnut. 8. Finally, accurately measure and record every step, including dye concentrations, mixture ratios, when to scuff-sand, number of topcoats, etc. Along with Red Oak, White Oak is the most abundant U.S. hardwood species. 0 Reviews. I just had my red/white oak hardwood floors stained with 2 coats of ebony/dark walnut. The combo was Ebony and Dark Walnut with a touch of Country White… But the gel stain is applied without a barrier coat so it darkens both the earlywood and latewood. Classic Gray. Glaze with Varathane dark walnut gel stain. Hi! Avoid wiping used brushes on the lid. Very lightly scuff-sand the dyed wood with 320-grit paper. Stain sinks into wood pores under a sealed topcoat of lacquer. Holding various stains well, the White Oak … If you skip this critical step, your finish may fail. friends. General Finishes will not be responsible for color satisfaction, misapplication, nor compatibility with other manufacturer’s products. The fourth is a simple, out-of-the-can recipe that produces a surprisingly good-looking finish. cut and contain wax. General Finishes Water Based Stains are formulated to provide workability similar to oil-based stains. Minwax Dark Walnut was the first stain color that I fell in love with when I first started woodworking. Always seal General Finishes Water Based Wood Stain, General Finishes Dye Stain and General Finishes Enduro Ready-To-Match (RTM) Water Based Wood Stain with 3 coats of topcoat. Sand this first coat down to a smooth base on which to build your finish coats with a 220-320 grade foam sanding pad or #400-grit sandpaper. General Finishes cannot guarantee an ideal refinish when applying our products on top of or combined with another company’s products or over surfaces that have been in contact with waxes, polishes or sprays containing contaminants such as silicone. It’s the perfect, medium-dark wood stain with golden highlights that show through the wood grain. It is especially recommended for staining unfinished hardwoods, such as oak, ash, walnut, and mahogany. Add up to 50% Pre-Stain Conditioner Natural to Water Based Wood Stain to lighten the color. Ebony. Colors are shown on White Oak. The first thing that happened once we closed on our new house was to get the dingy ambered oak floors refinished and stained.. After deliberating between Jacobean, Dark Walnut, Special Walnut and Provincial, we finally settled on Provincial as our favorite color stain. Their high-quality pigments produce rich, dark, uniform colors on hard-to-stain woods like maple and pine. To avoid too strong a color or problems with lap marks, I recommend thinning the dye 50 percent beyond the bottle directions. For narrow surfaces, reduce the fan pattern to 2-3″ to reduce overspray. In addition to blotchiness, the softer areas between the grain lines soak up stain like a sponge, creating an unnatural look. Testing Minwax Stain Colors For Hardwood Floor Addicted 2. I like dark walnut but am afraid its too cool on my white oak floors) I want to know your thoughts on finish….satin or matte. The photo below shows the dramatic difference between the raw and sealed areas of pine using the same stain color. Apply a 50-50 mix of Trans Tint Dark Mission brown and medium brown dye to the bare wood and let it dry. The glaze left in the open pores of the earlywood turns it very dark. Colonial Maple. Stain Gallery. Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. Early American. Alternatively, place a flat piece of wood over can lid and firmly pound shut. Pry open sealed lids with a paint can opener by hooking under the lid’s rolled edge. I have also uploaded the video from my Youtube channel.I hope this he… Fruitwood. In the high traffic areas, the stain is completely worn away, but around the perimeter, the stain is a deep orange-red. Overlap each pass of stain 50% for even coverage.

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