figma file naming conventions

We at OSI use Figma template for our Design Naming Convention for a wide variety of projects. Using it, your whole team knows what to do when. For example- If I rip the film named “FilmA”, I can start off by creating a folder called FilmA (year) {tmdb-01234}. As more coursework moves online, educators are faced with the unique challenge of teaching design remotely. The naming convention below is based on the work of Anne Thompson of the University of Edinburgh, however any errors are mine. We want consistency and as minimum changes as possible so we are creating a new component that includes an instance of an input field and adds the new icon for dropdown. When starting a new project – copy the template and start designing in it. Have expertise in e-commerce and very good knowledge of Front-End development. If you don’t speak the language, you can get lost. Developing an FNC is done through identifying the key elements of the project, the important differences and commonalities between your files. This involves adding a prefix to your Style names, so that Figma groups them under the same heading. The project... … we cannot do anything (almost) to lower the intrinsic cognitive load… That’s the catch – almost. Naming with a descriptive color like “red, green, etc.” will force you to change names when the client asks to change the color too, and this will result in a change in development which we don’t want.Effects like drop shadow or inner shadow are named in different levels according to the distance or depth that they’re imitating. Probably the best file naming convention ever; All asset dependencies should be in the same folder. Here we present a short description of how to use the Figma file template for our naming convention purposes. Note: We know there are so many different ways that educators can teach design. Learn More. The Goal The idea of the design template is to have a naming convention for styles, fonts and basic components so that we can automate the process of handling design specs to the developers and then render them in code. There are 8 default patterns, plus a separate multi-episode pattern. For example adding new background color should be named as light, extra light, dark, etc. The width, columns and gutter should be described in text in this frame. While there is room for a certain degree of adaptation by individuals, it is important that the office-wide folder structure and file naming conventions be agreed upon, (except for shared assets) One project does not need more judges than it is supposed to have (the only judgement for the project has to be made by project stakeholders – that is why Continuous Integration was invented). In this guide, we’ll walk through how we onboard students, organize our files, teach classes, and provide project feedback with Figma for our online course. If you are creating a user-flow for a prototype, ensure that your naming and numbering conventions are consistent. Click on the Assetsheading in the Layers Panel. Sign up for our free 3 week course here. Students can watch the pre-recorded lectures and take notes at their own pace. Naming folders and files in a consistent, logical and predictable way means that information may be located, identified and retrieved by yourself or colleagues, as quickly and easily as possible. It’s important to write down the rules of your file naming convention to stay consistent. Here we present a short description of how to use the Figma file template for our naming convention purposes. Step 4: Ask students to create a file according to our naming conventions Every student in our course follows a standard naming convention for their Master Figma file (we use: Intro DPD: Name). However, it is encouraged to name your design file frames and interface designs with clear logical names in english. In the example below, we named Styles using the convention Blog/[Color] , Brand Style Guide/[Color], and Secondary/[Color] . Solve problems, don't build features. This tool also stores everything on the cloud so it’s always easy to work together with the team on the latest file version, but at the same time, it also includes functionality to revert to older versions. What is a file naming convention? First you need to create a basic naming convention to sort out all the shots as quick as you can. The BS promotes the following naming of containers. Note: Figma is free for students and educators! Step 7: Keep an eye on student progressStaying close to a student’s work without having to physically look over their shoulder is one huge benefit of teaching online and Figma makes this especially easy. We implemented a structured file and naming system so that we could support as many students as possible while keeping our workspace organized. We … Using any other numbering convention outside of the ones provided in the list below will require you to edit your advancedsettings.xml and … The name of each file must be unique within the directory where it is stored. This file naming guide applies to movies, home videos and music videos. The 3-week course starts with research and design principles, then goes into a class-wide brainstorm for prioritizing feature improvements, and concludes with each student completing their own high-fidelity user flow. Figma is the first collaborative UI design tool built in the browser. In this way, it will be easier for exporting all of them and creating an icon font for performance optimizations. How you organize and name your files will have a big impact on your ability to find those files later and to understand what they contain. Activate/Deactivate grid with Ctrl + Shift + 4 (PC) or Command + G (Mac). Using projects allows us to continuously improve our curriculum and initiatives in one space while giving current students feedback and guidance in another. 4. We get a small group of students and instructors onto a Zoom call and bring everyone into the Figma file for the session. And in a shared or collaborative group file-sharing setting, it will help others more easily navigate your work. Beca… It is defining a process where you are solving a single problem (scenario) at a time. Using components in Figma will take your design workflow to the next level. Figma Flow is the way of working with your whole product team on your product designs. Professional File Naming Conventions. The File structure for the production stage of your project is vital, as whatever you do now is what you’re going to have to use for the rest of the project. That is wrong! Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Apply here. However, in order to maintain consistency, in Figma we name Pages and Frames (canvases) with the first letter capitalised. Lost from your files, that is. Why Professors at Stanford and UC Berkeley Use Figma to Teach Design. December 16, 2018 at 11:01pm. A simple naming convention is a proposed structure that confirms the quantity and quality of data that is included within the file. We create two versions of a UI kit: a simplified version and a full-featured version. In such a way everything is tidy and styles of one group appear at one place. The fastest way to access Components in a File is via the Assets Panel. The color palette and typography frames are just for visualization. We use commenting (liberally) for asynchronous feedback while work is still in-progress. In our next blog post, we will continue the topic of the Figma template. A systematic way of naming files. Figma feels comfortable challenging existing conventions and industry standards, but also learns from others and avoid running in circles. CONTRACT NAME (in CalUsource) Note: The actual contract document file name should follow the standard naming convention described in section 2. Adding new components should also have the same structure as the default ones. Naming Conventions For Electronic Files and Folders File and folder naming conventions are key to maintaining well-organized electronic directory and drive structures. Along with a good naming convention, having a cover as the first page in your file … We will explain how to hook the naming convention template with the back end to reflect the changes in the code on development environments. Why we switched to Figma. This section will probably be the most helpful for educators offering a similar flavor of coursework; if that’s not your course, you may want to skip to the next section. Scaling: Make sure that each icon’s content constraints are set to scale and are nested in a frame. Step 4: Ask students to create a file according to our naming conventionsEvery student in our course follows a standard naming convention for their Master Figma file (we use: Intro DPD: Name). We all know what Covid-19 is and how it impacts our lives around the globe. All file systems follow the same general naming conventions for an individual file: a base file name and an optional extension, separated by a period. The idea of the design template is to have a naming convention for styles, fonts and basic components so that we can automate the process of handling design specs to the developers and then render them in code. Since students work out of the same file throughout the course, they can make a prototype from the same file and share it easily with instructors for feedback. In a similar thought, a file naming convention could also be an agreed-upon scheme on how to label files and folders 2 . NFO Files are never checked for season and episode numbers. All Rights Reserved. What can we do, so the user experiences to be designed in a manner to lower the cognitive load, and thus make the apps easily accepted by the users? We can also asynchronously keep updated with a student's progress without spending a lot of time zooming in and out of pages or creating a stressful “hovering” moment for students. I have 4+ years designing various interfaces including Web, Mobile, Single-page Applications and Branding Identities. The important bit in the file name is the appropriate season and episode number notation s02e17 which in this example means Season 2 Episode 17 It does not matter if you use dashes, dots or just spaces. Think of a file naming standard like a language. The average person will name a file in a way that best suits them and that file name might not have any information to the next person who needs to access the file. They are currently teaching a free online course called Introduction to Digital Product Design—helping many graduates secure their first design job through their mentorship program, blogs, and podcast. Interface design may be taking over Silicon Valley, but it’s still far outside the mainstream curriculum on college campuses. Since case studies are iterative and can always be improved, it’s really helpful for students to have continued access to SWD lectures, their past assignments, and instructor feedback. Having a simplified UI Kit (most necessary visual elements) allows students to get started with foundational components before heading over to the exhaustive kit for more specific needs. Server Version#: 4.47.3 Player Version#: 4.47.3 (web client), I have read the article on Naming Film Files on the server, but i’m none the wiser when it comes to naming anything other than a very simple file structure. Following a naming convention allows us to search student work quickly and have everything related to the course in one place. In practice, we use it for the development of any type of user interface – Mobile Apps, Website, Single page applications, etc. DO. Unlike components, local styles such as color, font style or effects are stored without visual component and can be applied to any element.So when you want to change color or font, go to the respective square or font and don’t detach the applied style, but select edit of this style.Style naming: If you are adding a new style use semantic names and not descriptive. Here we present a short description of how to use the Figma file template for our naming convention purposes. 29,838 members. CSUCO / Example Supplier Name / Widget Provider (See Table 1) “Campus Acronym”” “Supplier DO. /TV Shows/ShowName/Season 02/ShowName – s02e17 – Optional_Info.ext This is only an example. : If there’s an additional style for your component that is often used like for example hover – then include it in a separate group/frame inside. Object Systems International LLC. So, stay tuned. Following a naming convention allows us to search student work quickly and have everything related to the course in one place. Students learn how to give feedback, receive feedback, and communicate clearly what they want feedback on: After students finish each assignment and receive instructor feedback, they are free to stay in our Figma account and continue working on their case studies indefinitely. 1. #Naming conventions in design applications. We’ve also included some examples from our set-up and a list of other tools we’ve found helpful along the way. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Figma's default file view is great for seeing all of your design projects as a whole. Professional File Naming Conventions. Since our lectures and assignments build toward a case study, we recommend that our students use Pages to organize their design process. Developers should extract this description and add it as a comment in their code. However, each file system, such as NTFS, CDFS, exFAT, UDFS, FAT, and FAT32, can have specific and differing rules about the formation of the individual components in the path to a directory or file. If you don’t speak the language, you can get lost. Assignments, however, have a specific weekly deadline after which an instructor provides feedback. Don't reinvent the wheel. Document your file naming convention and get others onboard. This article won’t be about all that. Your email address will not be published. A naming convention is like a framework for naming your files. Here's the master file we use for our course. Using a naming convention for your files helps you find the right document faster, makes it easier for you to collaborate with colleagues and students, speeds up your workflow and is a great help for version control and managing your files. We don't have a naming convention for design files in Figma. #Naming conventions in design applications. It’s good to use the description field in order to add information on how this component behaves or is used. When setting up the library, make sure to select Movies, Home videos, or Music videos as the content type.. Emby supports several different formats and naming conventions such as ISO copies of discs to DVD/Blu-Ray file formatted layouts which are both … Challenge status quo. Keep file names short, but meaningful It contains the basic building blocks for Messenger. File Naming Conventions: simple rules save time and effort Why use naming conventions? Object Systems International LLC. They can also give information about the function of the identifier-for example, whether it's a constant, package, or class-which can be helpful in understanding the code. It helps teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish. “footer background”. You can adapt this with similar naming style to the card convention. 9 - Naming Conventions. File naming conventions. Overview of various Color Naming Conventions Component States. Component Instances can benefit from Styles as well. Your email address will not be published. While an exhaustive UI Kit (fonts, colors, spacing, etc) is helpful, it can be overwhelming for students to pick and choose among many components. Think of a file naming standard like a language. File naming conventions. In a similar thought, a file naming convention could also be an agreed-upon scheme on how to label files and folders 2. They’ve been teaching their design courses virtually through Figma since their inception. Instead, we will have a look at one aspect of what we do to fight its global consequences. The University of the Arts London’s Accidental Path to a Design System, “We immediately fell into issues trying to collaborate with our Sketch files — the problem was we were not able to work seamlessly on files together.”, A title describing the fidelity of design or what to expect in the page, A page devoted to exploration, inspiration, and revision. Teaching in Figma Components that are identical to others but have additional elements should be coupled with the older components. If you are interested in using this Figma template, you can download it for free at the bottom of this post, play with it, apply it to your company’s processes and modify it according to your needs. Combined with our own design experience we built the naming convention that will suit us best. You have to make sure that each of them is grouped in a frame with the same dimensions. If you’ve spent any time on a project involving multiple pages, you know Figma files can get visually cluttered very quickly! Office file naming conventions should reflect efficient and consistent workplace practice; while folder structure and naming should reflect agreed upon office functions. We also use Loom to record audio over each slide so that students can receive pre-recorded lectures. For tv episode naming, see TV naming. Students Who Design (SWD) is an online platform for learning product design. The conventions comprise the following 13 rules. For example Drop Shadow/Level 2 will appear to be at a greater distance from the background than the Level 1.Style grouping: If you add new styles, you have to think about which group they belong to or create another one.Naming the style with: /